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Teaching data entries to New Hires

October 1, 2017 by Posted in: Uncategorized


So everyone needs training, are we agreed? Agreed! Let’s move on!

Your new hire said they knew it all, typed a million words a minute and were quick as a pistol. After dishing out the assignments and handing over the materials you found yourself analyzing their performance only to discover that you think they might be missing fundamental skills required to get the job done. You may consider to yourself your options at this point. Debating how much time should be shall we say, donated, from your existing workload for teaching the new employee how to do their job correctly. Despite many large companies demonstrating how each new group of employees goes through some training process whether it be a few days or a few weeks, many small business owners tend to ignore this. We can all understand that we hire someone to do the work we don’t have time to complete. There should always be some consideration to how much time you will need to subtract from your own day (assuming you have to do the training yourself) to teach a new hire how to do the job the way you want the job done!


Data entry does not differ from any other job, in that it takes time for beginners to get a rhythm down before they start cranking out the work. The more help you can provide them, the quicker they will catch on and start performing to the level you had hoped. So let’s examine some simple prerequisite skills when getting starting teaching data entry.


Typing – Though perhaps not as fundamental as some jobs, basic typing skills and speed will certainly play a role in overall performance.

Computer Savvy Understanding basic computer use will probably go a long way with speeding up your data entry.

Web Surfing Skills – Again, as simple as this may sound, having the ability to understand and use the world-wide-web is probably fundamental.

Photo / Image Knowledge – Does your data entry also require photos to be uploaded, or perhaps photos that need editing?

    Reading & Writing Skills – Let’s face it, despite the simplicity of this skill some, some people have it and some don’t.

Tools – Nothing could be as important as the ability to provide the employee with the right tools for the job!

A Good Attitude & Aptitude – Sadly this process may be tedious for all parties involved.


We should ask ourselves what we can provide our employee to help them enter that data efficiently, quickly, and most of all enjoyably. Finding the right tools for the job will not only make you as the employer happy because work flow is consistent and faster paced but also serves to create happy workers. When you don’t have to feel frustrated hitting block after block performing simple jobs, your workday seems to pass more pleasurably.


Teaching Typing – I’m going to spend very little time covering this aspect. This is an issue faced by employers dating back to the typewriter. It is important to have someone with some typing skills where data entry is concerned. When faced with someone is pulling the old one finger routine, you most likely have two options. Either send that employee off to the next job in their life, or if you are determined to make it work you can suggest practicing with programs like the ever popular Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. There are also a ton of websites out there that will provide this practice, however I believe that nothing but practice is going to increase speed in this area.


Computer Skills – Computer savvy is another topic right away that often times is directly proportional to the time spent in practice. This may be another make or break item on the list depending on your particular needs. If it is a requirement to work with files and folder, pictures and other computer files then sorting those files and basic operations and file structures may be something mandatory for your job. Teaching file structure, naming conventions, and simple utilities such as copy and paste are just some examples of basic computer skills that may be necessary.

Reading & Writing – You might be in luck with this particular aspect as many popular programs like Microsoft Word have not only a spell check features but some rather advanced sentence fragment detection features as well. can be your friend here as well. Anyone can quickly Google search a word to discover spelling and other useful grammar related information. This even works with other languages in Google too! Other free document writers that are free include Google Docs and LibreOffice Writer. There are dozens if not hundreds or thousands of full featured document writers (editors), one of which is bound to do the job.

Remember, however, that it is your job as the employer to do the research, provide the tools, and give the help required to ensure you have the skilled employees you need.