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An explanation of tasks and services that you really shouldn’t do yourself.

Things You Should Never DIY

Some things you can DIY if you have the skills and time. You can build your computer, for instance. Some folks can make their business cards or logos. I know a guy who, thanks to years of expertise, knows how to customize his cars.

However, some tasks you should never do yourself. I’ve learned these over the years. Here are some of the things I would never, ever leave to anyone but a professional.

Do not cut your hair. Cutting your hair seems like it should be simple. You need a mirror and scissors.

Yeah, that’s a common and grave misconception. Even on a short try, you can easily see how hard it is to get it right. It takes a lot more control and precision, and that’s hard to manage while looking in the mirror. You are better off with another pair of hands.

Never do your home demolition. Demolitions require a lot of work and expertise.

The average person does not know what is going on inside his or her walls. Plumbing, electrical wires, and who knows what else hides behind the surface. Just blindly smashing at the concrete could do untold amounts of damage to everything else.

Do not do your plumbing repairs, unless you are a plumber.

Admit it: you do not know exactly how your pipes work. You don’t know how much pressure goes through them. You don’t know which valves are connected to what. You do not know what you are doing, so even if you have the tools and materials, leave it to a professional.

Finally, dental operations are never done on yourself. Even dentists don’t do work on their teeth.

The simple fact is that the mouth is not in a good position for making DIY dental work easy. It’s cramped, dark, and complex. It just looks like a simple machine on the surface. Most people can’t even accurately tell which tooth hurts without someone else tapping on it, much less remove it on their own.