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5 Qualities of a Good Transcriptionist

September 14, 2017 by Posted in: Uncategorized


The job of a transcriptionist is quite important in any enterprise. It takes immense dedication, meticulous performance and great attention to detail to transcribe any document. Although no formal qualification is required to become a transcriptionist, it is still important that a transcriptionist possesses some key qualities, 5 of which are mentioned below:


Good Typing Skills
A good percentage of a transcriptionist’s time is spent sitting near the keyboard. Therefore, their typing skills must be excellent. Not only must a transcriptionist type quickly but with minimal errors at that. This is due to the large volumes of transcription that is expected of them.

As it has done in several other fields, technology has also changed the way transcription is done. It is necessary to know the nitty-gritty of using a computer or a laptop and be familiar with different types of word processing programs or software applications that may be used by a particular organisation. At times, research may be necessary too.

A transcriptionist must proofread their own work after every couple of paragraphs to look for any spelling and punctuation mistakes. They must read through a document and make sure that what they heard and typed made sense. By doing this at regular intervals, they will be in a good position to re-listen and make any necessary corrections instantly.

Ability to multi-task
A transcriptionist is also required to do more than one thing at a time on a continuous basis. Not only does a transcriptionist have to type, but they also have to listen as well. They may also be required to research and make clarifications while doing their job. This can require both practice and patience from those who are just beginning to learn.

Commitment to Professionalism
Perhaps this is one of the most important qualities of a transcriptionist, i.e. their commitment to professionalism. There are many stringent laws and guidelines pertaining to sensitive information, and privacy within all domains and transcriptionists are duty bound to maintain confidentiality. The information made available to them for transcribing usually cannot be shared with others.


Summing Up

Transcription needs to be very accurate and sometimes even confidentiality is necessary, or else any mistake can create a lot of confusion and problem. It is essential to come up with properly recorded audios and videos to make a transcription work much easier and cost-effective. Sometimes, it could be challenging to transcribe as a recording may have a lot of background voices and identifying words accurately may become a cumbersome task. The one who deals with all these things can be considered a good transcriptionist.

It is advised to check all qualities mentioned above if you are looking to hire a transcriptionist for your personal work or organisation.