Stay Right Pass Left

An explanation of tasks and services that you really shouldn’t do yourself.



There is ecstasy and feeling of satisfaction for actually doing something with your strength especially when you just acquire the knowledge and you carried out the self-given task entirely, there is this quiet noise calling you a badass. There is this feeling of seeing yourself as a fast learner and an overcoming thought that will continuously be inspiring no need for a professional during your house repairs or mini repairs. Life is not a home renovation TV show, or a daily tutorial on YouTube, I will say that the real Joy comes when you know your limit. Know when to call the professionals.

As we all know, some house repairs can be handled easily why if the same thing is done to some other complex ones, it can lead to high consequences that can drain away your earnings and savings. Below are a short list of some things you should stay away from; it isn’t hard, just stay away.

  1. Gas Appliances: In the next point, what I will discuss is the electrical appliances. But do you know that gas appliances and electrical appliances are similar both in risks and in their various prices. Gas is highly risky, so risky to the extent that if wrongly tickled it can lead to death or outbreak of fire which will be a damage to the surrounding folks, lead to health damages and the properties around. Gas appliances should be attended to by professionals; repaired and reinstalled.
  2. Electrical Appliances: Electricity is just too dangerous, just too risky I say once again. The moving current, its immediate fast effect that can fuse the blood flow. Frank Cohn, the owner of Cohn Construction Ltd, says “Number one on my list of jobs for homeowners not to do themselves would be electrical.” Personally, I have fixed electrical appliances by myself and I learned with experience, maybe that’s why I speak with a much affirmation. I won’t speak much about electricity, I will only say get a professional.
  3. Plumbing: My daddy is best at this, let a pipe leak, the next thing you will see is my hardworking dad, and he will be accompanied by equipment to solve the problem. He has almost all equipment for all house repairs. From refrigerator to the washing machine, the microwave, air conditioner and virtually all appliances at home. He has made errors in electricity and gas repairs before but not in plumbing. But still, I will tell you not to DIY plumbing work, just let it go and get an expert.
  4. The Crack In the Wall: this known as structural work. Is there some opening on the wall? The ceiling and many others. Let the stress off your head, get an expert and let your work be handled with a topnotch artistry.
  5. The Garage Door: security is one of the most import stuff, and you can make a mistake of treating it with carelessness. No matter how happy human beings can be, there is this silence fear of arm from the unknown, even in the presence of all security and protection. Since all human knows this, you can’t just afford to keep your rides in the garage and have a broken door. Don’t proof bossy; the master of all knowledge. Just get the needed hands and reduce your fear; live in peace and leave the pieces.

Debt Management



I think it’s a safe bet to say that no one wants to be in serious debt. In a world that piles responsibility after responsibility, problem after problem on people, a massive debt is just one more of both. No one wants to get into that kind of situation. The ones who are in it want to find a way out of it.


Now, people can’t just run off and not pay their debts. That’s irresponsible, illegal in some parts of the world, and sets a dangerous precedent. No, the right thing to do is to pay it off.


Of course, that’s easier said than done. With that in mind, here are some of the things I’ve learned over the years about debt management.


First, depending on the size of the debt, you might need a lot of help.


Finding someone who can provide excellent debt management Perth is essential if you have one of two things. If you have a substantial amount of debt and very little income, you need help. If you have a lot of types of debt, you’ll probably want professionals to help you out as well.


Second, you need to take a good, hard look at where your money is going.


Check how much money you are making. Check what you need to pay off regularly. Finally, factor in what you need to pay for, such as utility bills. What you have left is what you can spend freely. Any amount you spend beyond that extra cash is going just to add more debt.


If there isn’t anything left, you may want to consider more drastic options. It doesn’t have to come to declaring bankruptcy, but it does make getting professional assistance more appealing.


You should always have an emergency fund.


Financial experts, debt managers, and other professionals will recommend this up and down. No matter how deep in debt you are, you want to have a fund for emergencies. It’s a security precaution and one that can be invaluable.


Look at your budget. Strip out what you don’t need.


Anything you can or should live without needs to go. Buying a dozen pair of shoes every month is an expense you don’t need. Premium cable channels when you barely have time to watch TV anymore? Toss it out. You can always resubscribe to the service later.


Simply put, if you don’t need to spend money on it, don’t. Paying off your debts should take priority over luxuries.

Why Call A Professional

If something in your shower is broken, you want to fix it. This is a natural impulse. What you might be tempted to do is to fix it yourself. After all, if you’ve got a toolbox and you know your way around plumbing, you probably think it can’t be that hard.

For some instances, this might be true. That clogged shower could just be gunk in the shower head, and a little cleaning will sort it out with no trouble. A clogged drain is probably the same thing. You have a quick fix in mind and you only really need to know how to apply it.

However, sometimes you trying to fix things on your own just makes things worse. Whether it’s a leaking shower or a busted tap, you might benefit more from getting a professional on the job.

In fact, the more sensitive or complex the problem, the more you’ll need a pro. There’s just too much that can go wrong in fixing certain things, like garage doors, appliances, or even windows. Getting someone with experience and the right tools is essential.

If you’re still wondering, here are two reasons why you should look up a professional that says “we fix leaking showers in Perth” when you have a leaking shower.

First off, a handyman or shower repair guy will know more than you do.

Unless you’ve worked as one, it’s not advisable to do your intensive maintenance. It’s like being a lawyer and having yourself for a client. A professional knows how to fix things and by training knows more about the systems used in showers than you do.

This training provides them with an ability to consider situations and angles that you can’t. It also gives them much more insight into what may be wrong and how to fix it, so it doesn’t become a recurring problem. Their expertise also means that there is a much lower risk of further damage happening.

The second simple reason to hire a professional to repair things like showers and other things is the experience.

You may know your way around a shower. However, how often do you do any repairs or maintenance? The chances are that you don’t do it very often, which means that any knowledge you have isn’t tried and tested. You might have a lot of situations you don’t know how to handle.

In contrast, a professional has seen a lot more situations and variations than you have.

They rely on expertise and experience, rather than guesswork, half-remembered information, and maybe a Youtube video or two. They are professionals who have the training to fall back on, along with hours upon hours spent fixing the same problems over and over.

Professional experience also covers knowledge of the tools needed to get the job done properly. So many tasks are just easier if you have the right tools for it. Sometimes, we make mistakes with what we use or make substitutions that we shouldn’t.

If you’re looking for more advice on when to call the experts, click home.

Teaching data entries to New Hires


So everyone needs training, are we agreed? Agreed! Let’s move on!

Your new hire said they knew it all, typed a million words a minute and were quick as a pistol. After dishing out the assignments and handing over the materials you found yourself analyzing their performance only to discover that you think they might be missing fundamental skills required to get the job done. You may consider to yourself your options at this point. Debating how much time should be shall we say, donated, from your existing workload for teaching the new employee how to do their job correctly. Despite many large companies demonstrating how each new group of employees goes through some training process whether it be a few days or a few weeks, many small business owners tend to ignore this. We can all understand that we hire someone to do the work we don’t have time to complete. There should always be some consideration to how much time you will need to subtract from your own day (assuming you have to do the training yourself) to teach a new hire how to do the job the way you want the job done!


Data entry does not differ from any other job, in that it takes time for beginners to get a rhythm down before they start cranking out the work. The more help you can provide them, the quicker they will catch on and start performing to the level you had hoped. So let’s examine some simple prerequisite skills when getting starting teaching data entry.


Typing – Though perhaps not as fundamental as some jobs, basic typing skills and speed will certainly play a role in overall performance.

Computer Savvy Understanding basic computer use will probably go a long way with speeding up your data entry.

Web Surfing Skills – Again, as simple as this may sound, having the ability to understand and use the world-wide-web is probably fundamental.

Photo / Image Knowledge – Does your data entry also require photos to be uploaded, or perhaps photos that need editing?

    Reading & Writing Skills – Let’s face it, despite the simplicity of this skill some, some people have it and some don’t.

Tools – Nothing could be as important as the ability to provide the employee with the right tools for the job!

A Good Attitude & Aptitude – Sadly this process may be tedious for all parties involved.


We should ask ourselves what we can provide our employee to help them enter that data efficiently, quickly, and most of all enjoyably. Finding the right tools for the job will not only make you as the employer happy because work flow is consistent and faster paced but also serves to create happy workers. When you don’t have to feel frustrated hitting block after block performing simple jobs, your workday seems to pass more pleasurably.


Teaching Typing – I’m going to spend very little time covering this aspect. This is an issue faced by employers dating back to the typewriter. It is important to have someone with some typing skills where data entry is concerned. When faced with someone is pulling the old one finger routine, you most likely have two options. Either send that employee off to the next job in their life, or if you are determined to make it work you can suggest practicing with programs like the ever popular Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. There are also a ton of websites out there that will provide this practice, however I believe that nothing but practice is going to increase speed in this area.


Computer Skills – Computer savvy is another topic right away that often times is directly proportional to the time spent in practice. This may be another make or break item on the list depending on your particular needs. If it is a requirement to work with files and folder, pictures and other computer files then sorting those files and basic operations and file structures may be something mandatory for your job. Teaching file structure, naming conventions, and simple utilities such as copy and paste are just some examples of basic computer skills that may be necessary.

Reading & Writing – You might be in luck with this particular aspect as many popular programs like Microsoft Word have not only a spell check features but some rather advanced sentence fragment detection features as well. can be your friend here as well. Anyone can quickly Google search a word to discover spelling and other useful grammar related information. This even works with other languages in Google too! Other free document writers that are free include Google Docs and LibreOffice Writer. There are dozens if not hundreds or thousands of full featured document writers (editors), one of which is bound to do the job.

Remember, however, that it is your job as the employer to do the research, provide the tools, and give the help required to ensure you have the skilled employees you need.



Should You Get a Professional Window Cleaner?


Should you get your windows cleaned?


It seems like a simple task, at first. Get a cloth, some water, and the willingness to wipe for a while. You can get tougher stains out with the right products, but most of the time all you need is some soap and effort. Why, then, would you call a professional for a task you can do yourself?


As it turns out, there are some good reasons to hire a professional to clean those panes for you.


You save more time with a pro on the job. Cleaning windows can be time-consuming, especially if you have a lot of them or if you’re living in a tall building. Most professionals can cut the time needed in half or less.


Professionals can remove insect infestations – one of the few things most homeowners like you probably have no idea how to handle. Wasps build paper nests on shutters. Ladybugs can infest channels. They rarely attach to the glass directly, though.


A good window cleaning company also has access to products that can extend a window’s lifespan. It might involve removing deposits of grime on the glass or other things that have piled up over the years.


Windows get spots. There’s no getting around that. What might be confusing is where they come from. A good window cleaning company can help figure that out, as well as offer any options that can prevent them from coming back.


Finally, sometimes windows just have stains that commercial products can’t handle. For these, you need a professional because they have access to more powerful cleaners and chemicals. In some cases, things like muriatic acid are readily available, but it takes professional handling to use properly.


In the end, the choice is still up to you. However, as noted, getting professionals on the job has many benefits. Visit website for more information.

5 Qualities of a Good Transcriptionist


The job of a transcriptionist is quite important in any enterprise. It takes immense dedication, meticulous performance and great attention to detail to transcribe any document. Although no formal qualification is required to become a transcriptionist, it is still important that a transcriptionist possesses some key qualities, 5 of which are mentioned below:


Good Typing Skills
A good percentage of a transcriptionist’s time is spent sitting near the keyboard. Therefore, their typing skills must be excellent. Not only must a transcriptionist type quickly but with minimal errors at that. This is due to the large volumes of transcription that is expected of them.

As it has done in several other fields, technology has also changed the way transcription is done. It is necessary to know the nitty-gritty of using a computer or a laptop and be familiar with different types of word processing programs or software applications that may be used by a particular organisation. At times, research may be necessary too.

A transcriptionist must proofread their own work after every couple of paragraphs to look for any spelling and punctuation mistakes. They must read through a document and make sure that what they heard and typed made sense. By doing this at regular intervals, they will be in a good position to re-listen and make any necessary corrections instantly.

Ability to multi-task
A transcriptionist is also required to do more than one thing at a time on a continuous basis. Not only does a transcriptionist have to type, but they also have to listen as well. They may also be required to research and make clarifications while doing their job. This can require both practice and patience from those who are just beginning to learn.

Commitment to Professionalism
Perhaps this is one of the most important qualities of a transcriptionist, i.e. their commitment to professionalism. There are many stringent laws and guidelines pertaining to sensitive information, and privacy within all domains and transcriptionists are duty bound to maintain confidentiality. The information made available to them for transcribing usually cannot be shared with others.


Summing Up

Transcription needs to be very accurate and sometimes even confidentiality is necessary, or else any mistake can create a lot of confusion and problem. It is essential to come up with properly recorded audios and videos to make a transcription work much easier and cost-effective. Sometimes, it could be challenging to transcribe as a recording may have a lot of background voices and identifying words accurately may become a cumbersome task. The one who deals with all these things can be considered a good transcriptionist.

It is advised to check all qualities mentioned above if you are looking to hire a transcriptionist for your personal work or organisation.

Hiring a professional to get Company jobs done


The way most companies in developed countries (like U.S, Australia, Spain etc) operate or work is that they outsource their jobs. This is so because – for goodness’ sake they are called developed! – they most definitely have a whole lot of jobs and daily workloads to be completed within a stipulated period of time – sometimes daily, weekly or monthly – which most of the time has deadlines i.e the works can’t exceed a particular time, because if it does, it may affect the overall productivity of the company and in turn, have a detrimental effect on the income of the company.

As a result of this, and many more other reasons like shortage of workers (who if they had, wouldn’t be collecting a monthly wage of nothing less than double the wage paid to a freelancer). While it is very dangerous to expose the company’s works and plans to outsiders, there arises a need to at least give it a try (withholding some cogent company’s details like the name, budget etc). 






Advantages of hiring a professional

  1. They take their time: Many of the freelancers online are working from home, in the euphoria and warmth of their home. This alone augments efficacy, precision and accuracy in whatever work they’re given to do.
  2. High probability of work Experience: For one, a company may be undertaking the project for the very first time but in most cases, that’s not same for the freelancer. In fact, the beauty of been called a freelancer is that you’re a professional in what you do with definitely great deal of years of experience. A freelancer is expected to have done exact same project or one with great resemblance with it, hence, the company’s workers might not be the better option since the company’s project is assumed new.
  3. Less pressure: While it is true that the company premises will help your sub consciousness to think and be more creative, it is truer that the pressure mounted on one at times may project to erratic errors or mistakes which could have been better avoided if we worked in a secluded ambience. A freelancer does not work in a company. He works from where ever his home-based business address is with little or no stress and pressure.

Tips on Exterior Home Painting


If one chooses to do it themselves or use an exterior painting company, knowing some common tips will help the process go more smoothly. That they can use these methods themselves or they can question a possible outside painting company to see if they know of them. This allows those to secure the best company possible for the job.


After all, seen a home or business straight reflects the owner. Consequently, it’s more than important to have the best looking structure on the block! Browse these tips and be certain to consider these the next outside paint job that comes up, as it can be challenging to remember what to ask professional employs.


The Weather -Always plan when considering a portrait job. Any good outdoor painting company will take the time of 12 months into account and know the patterns for the local weather. They often go for a dry time of year with low humidity and less probability of rain. This allows the paint to be dry completely and adhere not surprisingly.


Quality Trumps Price – It’s much more important to consider quality over price. For one the job will last much longer. Any prime exterior art work company will be up to date on the latest technology in terms of exterior paint, as it’s improved over the last few years. Abandon the cheaper brands and choose those recommended by the experts.


Proper Preparing – Everyone knows, or should, that paint will not stick well to a dirty surface. That is why washing and readying the exterior area to be painted is important. They should be rinsed, in order to dry and then sanded thoroughly. A sound surface allows the coloring to adhere properly.


Change rotten wood – Coloring will absolutely not stay with rotten siding or cut. They keep deteriorating under the paint so this is a huge waste of resources. Professional exterior painting companies will replace or repair any rotten spots and use wood hardened and filler when necessary. Every this must be done before paint ever details a surface, and an experienced exterior painting company will perform just that.


Always Work with Primer – It’s long been the general guideline to put on a good coat of primer, then sand, and of course finally apply colour. This kind of is still a good way to paint, and if a professional external painting company does so it’s a good indication they are among the best.


Mixture small cans as one large container – This is certainly extremely smart as it allows multiple cans of the identical color so that the results are uniform. Though they may all be blended the same there are usually slight variances. Professional outside painting crews always do this.


Always paint top to bottom – Which method to this chaos, when starting at the top and working their way down there is much less a chance for streaks. The reason is gravity. This is also good for managing drips because they will happen, which way one can make sure they cover them up completely and keep the results completely uniform.


Get gritty – when a professional painting company is portray steps, they always add grit so that they do not become so slick that there might be injuries. A little fine fine sand included in the paint creates traction or texture and makes them much more secure.


Consider surrounding Landscape – Painting is an unpleasant job, even professional external painters pay traps and the like, and cleanup or move any outdoor apparatus that could get paint on them to include grills, hoses, and outdoor furnishings. Tarps should be laid and measured down or secured around furniture for the previous in protection.


So if you are looking for quality paint or painters, a good house interior painter can just be found online.

Homes Specialists: Why You Need Them

Whenever you plan to redesign your existing home or thinking of buying a home and have it improved upon then consulting the expert remodeling companies can be a good idea. The process of home remodeling is a serious industry and the investment would add value to your home. This is very important to get down to details and make use of the expertise of professionals. It is also essential that you are well-informed of the entire program and activities. Now there are many sorts of remodeling companies that are available to give you the beneficial services. Many of the companies provide the high quality companies professional workmanship to make the best lawn mowers of the home remodeling industry.


The addition technicians provide a wide range of room addition services that includes, home addition, Room Addition, kitchen improvements, bathroom addition, and other general contractor and development work that is asked by the clients. They will make sure you remodel your home according to your budget and lifestyle. These businesses have a very high potential and in addition they work to gratify buyer’s needs.


If you want to remodel your home, the smart step should be to contact these companies and describe the information and the sort of design you need, they can also provide a totally free estimate for custom construction. Today almost all of the companies provide both residential and commercial remodeling services. They also offer the professional remodeling services for his or her customers. You just need to contact them for new construction, house remodeling, Bath Remodeling and interior planning services and various custom ideas for house remodeling and interior design to give your home a fresh new look. Before starting the remodeling services, the best thing to do is to check the health of the roof, the water lines, the inspiration and the electric powered system. Consider your Bath room design, basement, and kitchen and flooring to enable you to understand just what kind of remodeling service will you needed.


Redecorating is the changing or bettering the inside or the exterior of the house. A lot of the companies provide the services of remodeling the interior and the outside part of the house, the areas of interest could be the roof, house windows, doors and the complete outside appearance of the house. Most of the exterior remodeling job entails painting. And even though the piece of art jobs can be a do it yourself thing, yet a lot of professional painters perform the job better and fast. You will be astonished how these remodeling pros could do the piece of art and wall coverings remodelling of your basement, bathroom or kitchen. These remodeling companies would definitely give you the sort of assistance you need. You can contact us for more information regarding your remodeling needs.

Why Not to Build Your Own Pool

A backyard pool sounds like a good idea. You picture poolside barbecues, relaxing weekends in the water, and a way to get away from the summer heat. What you are not picturing is the difficulty that is involved in not only making the pool but also in maintaining it.


If you simply must have a pool, get a professional to do it. It might also be wise to hire professionals to clean and maintain it. Here are reasons against DIY-ing your pool.


The first part is that it is costly.


There is no way around it. Getting a backyard pool is expensive, no matter who does it. You not only need to dig that hole, but you also need to coat it. You need to tile it. You need to install plumbing for the filters. You need to treat the water. You need to install all sorts of related things.


The sheer amount of money you are spending in doing it yourself can almost double. Quadruple that if you don’t know what you’re doing and something goes wrong.


Consider how much time that kind of project eats up.


This is not just installing new tiles in the bathroom. This goes above and beyond replacing the washing machine. This is digging a hole, tiling it, and so on and so forth. This is before there is even a drop of water in the pool itself. This is before you factor in the continuous maintenance.


Pool filters tend to break and need a lot of replacing.


Most people who own a pool know that pool filters break. You get it repaired. Then it breaks again. The cycle goes on. If it isn’t installed correctly, you can make the maintenance costs bigger because the filter needs replacing more often.


Finally, it is money that you won’t be making back.


In most cases, renovating a kitchen is worth the time and effort because it can help if you plan to sell the home. The same goes for the bathroom or any other room in the house. If you do it right, you can get your money back. The same is not true for a pool, which returns 40% to 50% of the cost at best.